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Pleasure at the centre

At PIANO ACADEMIE, we believe that music should be a source of joy. That's why we put the pleasure of playing at the heart of our teaching.

Rapid progress

To maintain the enthusiasm and drive of our students, we are committed to encouraging their rapid progress.

Public performances

PIANO ACADEMIE gives its students the chance to showcase their talent in public right from the start, through auditions and performances in hospitals, retirement homes and railway stations.

Awakening to musicality

We harness our students' imagination to work on musicality from the very start of their course, transforming each note into a vibrant story.

Discover our music academy

The pleasure of learning

Musical education from age 3

Discovering the world of music for the very young

Piano from age 4

Group courses adapted for younger children

6 - 12 years

A dynamic method that allows everyone to progress at their own pace

Teen courses

The pleasure of meeting up with friends - from age 12

courses for Adults

Flexibility and user-friendliness - different formulas for all levels

Music theory lessons

Fun lessons from age 5 - included in our packages

Intensive preparation

Possibility of following a preparatory course for international competitions

Regular concerts

We encourage our students to perform on stage as often as possible!

Violin lessons

2 expert teachers provide individual guidance for students who are passionate about learning the violin

Regular training courses

Exclusive courses, where the piano meets artistic activities under an innovative theme!

The spring concert

The pleasure of playing

Key figures

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course hours

Year 2022-2023



Aged between 3 and 80



more than 10 different nationalities



First courses in September 2015



4-day internship